5 Must-Have Pages for a Business Web Site

Some information is expected to be present on a business web site. Visitors want to learn more about the company and also gain a level of confidence from the web site content. Most importantly, you want to encourage potential customers to take the next step and make contact. Along with the home page, the 5 pages listed below help provide visitors with more information and a degree of confidence.

  • About Us – This is often the 1st page visited after the home page. People want to know more about the company and its history. However, steer clear of adding too much text. Visitors eyes will glaze over and the important pieces if information will be lost among the “fluff.”
  • Contact Us – The goal of nearly every business web site owner is to convert a visitor to a customer. The first step is to have the visitor contact you. The contact page should show all forms of contact (address, phone, e-mail). Contact form should ask for minimal information so as not to scare away a potential customer. Only name and 1 contact method, usually an e-mail address, should be required.
  • Services/Products – What does your company do? What services and/or products do you offer? This is the place to convey the company’s value proposition and also give a bit of a sales pitch.
  • Testimonials – No advertising is more powerful than positive reviews from current and former clients/customers. This gives potential customers a feeling of security and trust.
  • Privacy Policy – To make a potential customer feel comfortable about making contact and providing contact information, however minimal, it is essential to have a privacy policy page explaining how gathered information is (not) used. This is absolutely essential on shopping web sites and will decrease the frequency of shopping cart abandonment. A link to the privacy policy should appear on every page, usually in the footer.

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