IBM i Power Systems Links

The IBM System i is one of the most powerful, reliable and stable platforms in the computing world.
With its integrated DB2 database and unparalleled uptime, the System i is the cornerstone of thousands of businesses worldwide.

The links below pertain specifically to the IBM System i and are a complement to the more comprehensive list of technical resources.


The database engine for the System i is arguably the best in the world.
The items below highlight some of the capabilities packed in to this database that is included with i5/OS.

Groovy on Grails

The Grails web application framework can be run effectively on the IBM System i.


IBM provides a robust Java implementation for the IBM System i.
As will all platforms, the IBM System i leverages the "write once run anywhere" nature of Java.


Not to be confused with Microsoft .Net, IBM’s Net.Data offers a quick path to web-enabling your System i applications.


The PHP web programming language has enjoyed an upswing in popularity in recent years.
Not to be left out, Zend now delivers their PHP offerings for IBM i5/OS.


RPG is unmatched as a programming language for business applications.

Reference and Support

Forums and mailing lists for your IBM System i questions.


The list below contains useful tips, tools and tricks for getting the most out of your IBM System i.