Web Technology offers a variety of services that can be summarized into the categories below.

  • Web site development

    Our specialty is web development.
    For an increasing number of businesses, a simple "brochure-ware" web site is not enough.
    Current, up-to-the-minute information must be available on their web sites.
    Our web development staff will work to create dynamic, database-driven eCommerce web sites.
    From HTML and CSS to Javascript and AJAX, we’ve got it covered.

    Java – The "write once, run anywhere" nature of Java makes it a viable alternative for many development projects.
    Web Technology has undertaken many Java-based web application projects of all sizes, from small scale to very complex.

    PHP – PHP is a widely-used scripting language that is especially suited for web development.
    While not all web projects are suited for PHP, it is very often the best web solution.
    The experience of our staff with PHP will help to determine if a PHP web solution is right for you.

    ASP.NET – ASP.NET is the Microsoft web application framework for designing and building dynamic web sites.
    The ASP.NET framework can be a good fit for businesses already utilizing Microsoft applications.
    However, care should be taken to select the best web platform for your company.
    We will help take the guesswork out of the decision for you.

    SQL – SQL is a flexible and powerful tool for working with data.
    Our staff utilizes the full capabilities of SQL to create efficient, flexible and scalable data solutions.

  • Web site design

    Let us help you develop a web presence.

    We provide an end-to-end solution, from finding a web site address to publishing your site on the worldwide web.

    Our web site design team is well-versed with all the latest tools and tricks to create a functional, professional web site.

  • Web services

    A big buzz word in the web technology world today is web services. Ask someone in the technology world to define web services and you will likely get many different answers but the common factors are normally JSON for ReSTful web services and XML for SOAP-based web services.
    Web Technology has been working with different variations of web services since 2002 from SOAP to ReSTful web services using JSON.
    Let us put our expertise to work to solve your XML and web services technical challenges.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    What good is a beautiful web site if nobody can find it?
    This is akin to printing a batch of business cards and shoving them in a desk drawer.

    Web Technology will employ tactics gleaned from working with client web sites over the years to ensure yours is found by your target audience.

    We’ll measure the traffic on your web site using the latest technology and provide reports showing trends on usage. Learn how to get charts and graphs of your web site traffic monthly with our basic SEO report plan.
  • Database design

    Our skilled developers have designed complex databases for large companies as well as more simple databases in custom projects for smaller businesses.

    Structured query language (SQL) is most often used for database development but we’ve also worked with Microsoft Access for smaller and less complex databases.

  • Networking and Operations

    A "one size fits all" approach to network design is simply no longer feasible in today’s complex business environments.
    Web Technology will review your technical and business requirements to provide a network design that is flexible, secure and, most importantly, scaleable to allow for future growth.
    The job does not end once the network is in place. System operation support is needed to keep systems current and running smoothly.