The Value of a Business Web Site (Easy Modal only)

Can your company afford not to have a presence on the worldwide web?
A better question may be "Would you do business with a company that doesn’t have a web site?"

Along with the advantages of having a web site, there are disadvantages and risks for businesses that choose not to promote themselves with a web site.
The greatest risk of all is the first impression.
What happens when a potential customer or business partner searches for your company on the web and cannot find it?
He/she will simply move on, never giving your business a chance to market itself.

With the availability of low-cost web hosting and e-mail options today, a potential customer is going to question your commitment to the business.
Businesses that use free e-mail accounts, like Yahoo! or Hotmail demonstrate an unwillingness to market the business.
When you use free mail services, you are saying "my company name isn’t worth $40 per year for mail service."
Is that the image you want in the marketplace?

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